Petition to MEP’s calling to vote in favour of Amendment 50 (introducing a minimum of 2 weeks fully paid Paternity Leave)

Dear Member(s) of the European Parliament,

Tomorrow, wednesday the 20th October, the European Parliament will vote on the Estrela report amending a directive regarding maternity and paternity leave.

The Platform for European Fathers together with the other organisations and NGO’s signing this letter, call on you to vote in favour of the establishment of 2 weeks fully paid paternity leave in the EU (Amendment 50 on Paternity Leave amending Council Directive 92/85/EEC).

Paternity leave is crucial for giving fathers the opportunity to take their share in the care responsibilities for their children. This is not only proven to be favourable for the relationship between father and child, but also improves equal opportunities for women and men.

Currently in a number of EU countries fathers or co-mothers can not spend sufficient time or no time at all with their babies and partners during the very first two weeks after the birth. It is exactly in this period immediately after birth when a bound is created between father and child. Spending time with mother and child during this time, gives them the opportunity to get involved with caring tasks. Being there during the first weeks has a proven lasting positive effect on a more equal sharing of care responsibilities.

Both theory and empirical findings have shown that paternity leave increases mother’s labour market attachment. Paternity leave is an important contributor to equal opportunities for women and men. Due to the significant rise in fathers’ involvement in caring, women have more time and are more likely to stay in the labour market and secure their career opportunities after having given birth. This will result in a higher female labour participation which is one of the objectives under the EU2020 strategy.

The impact assessment ordered by the policy department of the European Parliament demonstrated that the costs of establishing two weeks paternity leave in the EU, would already be covered by an increase in female labour participation of only 0,04%. Giving fathers the right to be with their baby in the period immediately after birth is therefore economically attractive as well.

We would therefore urge you to vote in favour of the Estrela report, and in particular call on you to make sure that amendment 50 (inserting article 8a on paternity leave) is adopted.

We count on your support on behalf of all new European fathers who would like to be there for their new born babies!

Yours sincerely,

Platform for European Fathers
Peter Tromp, coördinator

Supporting organisations and key persons from the Netherlands:

  • Vakbond CNV Publieke Zaak, Marcel Matser, Bondsbestuurder
  • Vakbond Alternatief voor Vakbond (AVV), Martin Pikaart, voorzitter
  • Vakbond FNV Jong, Jeroen de Glas, Voorzitter
  • Papaplus, Rutger Groot Wassink, Oprichter
  •, Henk Hanssen, Eindredacteur
  • Stichting Kind en Omgangsrecht – Vaderkenniscentrum, Peter Tromp, Voorzitter
  • Stichting Het Nieuwe Werken Werkt, Roos Wouters, Voorzitter
  • Stichting Mama Wil, Maartje Pierhagen, Voorzitter
  • Man Kind Centrum, Amersfoort, Dennis Grippeling, Directeur
  • Stichting Steunpunt Studerende Moeders, Expertise centrum voor studie en gezin, Rotterdam, Annemiek de Jong
  • Stichting Werkende Ouders, Annemie Schuitemaker, Voorzitter
  • Career & Kids, Annemie Schuitemaker, Directeur
  • Platform ‘Jongens in balans’, Lauk Woltring, Oprichter/voorzitter
  • Great Place to Work Institute – Nederland, Jos Plompen, CEO
  • Stichting TeleWerkForum – Het Nieuwe Werken, Willem de Jager, Directeur
  • Talent in Balans, Coachingsbureau, Amsterdam, Aukje Delahay, Eigenaar
  • Halgren Coaching, Amsterdam, Jessica Halgren, Eigenaar
  • Priorities-Professional Organizing Coaching, Sandra Kruijt, Directeur/eigenaar
  • Inclusive Societies Netherlands, Winnie Terra
  • Regeltante BV, Bemiddeling huispersoneel particulieren, Werving & selectie vast en tijdelijk personeel voor MKB, Ir. Linda Woudstra, Directeur
  • Peperwortel Traiteur & catering, Amsterdam, Sasja Delahay, Eigenaar/Vennoot
  • Prof. dr. L.W.C. Tavecchio, Professor in Pedagogics, specialised in the role and pedagogical significance of fathers, University of Amsterdam
  • ‘Werken met Jongens. Onderzoek, Innovatie, Advies en training’, Lauk Woltring, Directeur
  • Dylan van Rijsbergen, Auteur van mannenboeken
  • Joep Zander, Auteur van vaderboeken

Supporting organisations from Belgium:

  • Fondation Mon Papa, Le Juge et Moi, Gery Le Grelle, Chairman
  • Samenwerkingsverband Ouders bij Scheiding (SOBS), Ghislain J.J. Duchâteau, Coördinator
  • CAP Enfance, Jacques Van Roosbroeck
  • Family 4 Justice België, Jan van Baelen, Eindredacteur
  • Goudi (Gescheiden Ouders Dienstbetoon door Informatie), Ghislain J.J. Duchâteau, Eindredacteur

Supporting organisations from Greece:

  • Sygapa, Association for Male and Paternal Dignity, Professor Nicolaos Spitalas, President

Supporting organisations from Iceland:

  • Foreldrajafnrétti, Association of parental equality, Heimir Hilmarsson, President

Supporting organisations from Norway

  • BarneFaren, Anders Kleppe, Operational leader

Supporting organisations from the United Kingdom

  • Men’s Aid, Robert Whiston, Chairman
  • Family Law Society, Brian Hitchcock, Director of legal services
  • The Men’s Network Brighton & Hove, Glen Poole, Chairman
  • The Fatherhood Institute, Rob Williams, Chief Executive

Supporting organisations from Ireland

  • Parental Equality, Liam O’Gogain, Chairman

Supporting organisations from Malta

  • Malta Liberal Party, Dr. John Zammit

Supporting organisations from Austria

  • Verein ‘Dialog für Kinder – Österreich’, Mag. Angelika Roselstorfer
  • Väter ohne Rechte – Martin Stiglmayr, Obmann

Supporting organisations from Italy

  • Paternità Oggi, El Portale dei papa, Federico Olivo

Supporting organisations from Switzerland

  • VeV Verantwortungsvoll erziehende Väter und Mütter Schweiz, André Müller, Vizepräsident


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