Press release by Parental Equality for Ireland :: ‘Fathers rights campaigners head to Brussels’

Press Release 24th June 2011 by Parental Equality Ireland.
Contact: Mr. Joseph A Egan, Chairman Parental Equality.
Mb.: 085-7469342
or Alan Beirne, Project Co-ordinator
Mb. 087-7811218
or Pieter Tromp, Founder Platform for European Fathers
Hm. +3130238 3636
Mb.  +31624506249

Fathers rights campaigners head to Brussels

On Sunday the 26th June 2011, 5 members of campaigning groups Parental Equality (PE) and Men’s Support Groups of Ireland (MSGI) will be heading to Brussels to raise awareness about the inequalities and discrimination facing fathers in Ireland today, in particular within the family law system.

On this coming Monday, the 27th of June in the European Parliament building, in Brussels, a historic event for fathers takes place. Parental Equality / MSGI are representing Ireland at the inaugural meeting of the Platform for European Fathers (PEF) an emerging NGO platform at EU policy level which will promote and lobby on behalf of fathers organisations throughout the 27 member states of the European Union. Peter Tromp, chair from the Dutch father organisation ‘Father Knowledge Centre’ who initiated and coordinates the founding meeting of the Independent Platform for European Fathers (PEF) next Monday said: “It is most important that fathers from all over Europe also find their voices heard in European politics in Brussels and we are most thankful to The Greens | European Free Alliance in the European Parliament for making this possible by being our host for the founding meeting of our NGO-platform here in the European Parliament buildings.”

Mr. Joseph Egan the recently appointed Chairman of Parental Equality and Founder of the national mens umbrella group MSGI said that:
“It is a wonderful opportunity for Ireland to get on the European stage and to have a voice for fathers who otherwise have been largely ignored by the political parties in Ireland over the last 20 years.”

Joe went on to say that “the importance of representation at EU policy level would be a cornerstone of his new tenure at the helm of a new and vibrant Parental Equality.” The historic event will take place in the European Parliament buildings next Monday followed the next day by the European Greens event, European Fathers Congress.

Both events will be attended by the PE and MSGI delegations and will be the first time also for the umbrella organisation of Men’s Support Groups of Ireland to lobby at a European level. The group returns on Thursday 30th June.


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