Twelve main objectives for new Platform for European Fathers (PEF) founded on 27 June 2011 in Brussels

Founding meeting of the independent confederation

 Platform for European Fathers (PEF)

 European Parliament / Altiero Spinelli building / Room: A7F387

Brussels, June 27th 2011

Twelve main objectives in the draft Founding Statement of the PEF

The PEF is an independent European and international Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) that represents national father, fatherhood and equal parenting organisations and federations with the following main objectives:

  1. to be active in the advancement of fathers interests to the European Parliament and on the EU policy level
  2. to have the best interests and (human) rights of children towards both their parents and extended families at the heart of all activities
  3. to promote involved fatherhood and an equality-based work-life balance regarding parenthood for working fathers on the EU social policy level particularly in reference to paternity and paternal leave
  4. to seek and promote father inclusive policies in EU legislation and institutions and the harmonisation of European social policies and equal parenting legislation particularly referring to the implementation of a presumption of shared custody, care and residence
  5. to seek the implementation of all European Convention articles for Human Rights and the jurisprudence by the European Court for Human Rights in all European countries
  6. to seek the implementation of shared legal and physical custody and co-residence in EU legislation and social policies
  7. to seek full gender equality in society, specially for fathers and fatherhood in the parenting and caring for children at home, in childcare and in education
  8. to be inclusive to all organisations representing fathers with no gender discrimination
  9. to better the unequal legal position of unmarried fathers in relation to their children
  10. to further the interests of all fathers, with a particular emphasis on ‘low SES’ and immigrant fathers in EU legislation and social policies
  11. to further the advancement and protection of the relations of bi- and transnational children with their fathers
  12. to further research into and to promote measures to address the presently emerging “boys crisis” in education as potential future fathers

Initiated and organised by the Dutch Father Knowledge Centre

Made possible by

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8 Responses to Twelve main objectives for new Platform for European Fathers (PEF) founded on 27 June 2011 in Brussels

  1. Congratulations and Thank You to Peter Tromp for this excellent initiative!

  2. SYGAPA says:

    We support the initiative. We are with you alwaws and whenever you need us

  3. Peter, a job well done !. Congratulations on getting things organised and giving men and fathers a voice in Europe

  4. The word Family is not mentioned in this document, yet it is the Family that has rights that can be exercised. Why ask for rights that don’t exist and purposely ignore fundamental rights that are the strongest one could ever dream of. Neither parent in a Family has rights except those of being a Spouse and joint head of the Family founded on Marriage.
    The law must and does acknowledge that the best interests of children born within such a family are to be brought up by the parents /heads of the Family working together for the benefit of the family as a unit.

    Children born outside of the family will always be under the control of the State as there is NO INSTITUTION for them to belong to. The institution that we should all be working to protect and uphold is marriage.

    God Bless, Roger Eldridge
    Chairman, National Mens Council of Ireland
    Executive Director, Family Rights and Responsibilities Institute of Ireland
    National Office: Knockvicar, Boyle, Co. Roscommon
    Website:  Email:               
    Telephones: 00353 (0) 7196-67138           00353 (0) 83-3330256

    NMCI – “Doing what men have always done … protecting their Families, Faith and Freedom from attack by the State”

  5. peter morris says:

    Excellent work by all involved, well done.


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