16 European fatherhood and equal parenting organisations from 12 European countries start Platform for European Fathers (PEF) in Brussels

Founding meeting of the independent confederation

Platform for European Fathers (PEF)

European Parliament / Altiero Spinelli building

Room: A7F387

Brussels, June 27th 2011 – 16:00- 19:00 hours

List of founding members /participants

  Name Organisation Function Country
1. Peter Tromp Vader Kennis Centrum (VKC) – Father Knowledge Centre Chair Netherlands
2. Rob Williams Fatherhood Institute Chief executive UK
3. Robert Whiston Men’s Aid Chair UK
4. Klaus Gerosa Váteraufbruch fur Kinder (VAfK) Boardmember Germany
5. Rüdiger Meyer-Spelbrink Váteraufbruch fur Kinder (VAfK) BGS – Chief executive Germany
6. Oliver Peter Hofmann Maennerpartei Chair Austria
7. Eleftherios Ayfantis Sygapa, Father’s and Men’s Dignity Boardmandated representative Greece
8. Heimir Hilmarsson Association of equal parenting Chair Iceland
9. Jan van Baelen Vaderkenniscentrum Vlaanderen Chair Belgium
10. Vincenzo Semeraro SOS Papa Belgique Boardmember Belgium
11. Attila Vida Elvált Apák Érdekvédelmi Egyesülete (EAÉE) – Association of Divorced Fathers Hungary (ADF) Boardmandated representative Hungary
12. Pedro Duffill Hobbs Federation UEFACC – Union Estatal de Federaciones Y Asociaciones por la Custodia Compartida Boardmandated representative Spain
13. Luis de Sousa Igualdade Parental Chair Portugal
14. Paulo Vieira Lisbon Report / Denuncia de Lisboa Chair Portugal
15. Alan Beirne Parental Equality Ireland (Men’s Support Groups of Ireland) Boardmember Ireland
16. Joseph Egan Parental Equality Ireland Chair Ireland
17. André Müller Verantwortungsvoll Erziehende Väter und Mutter (VeV) Vice-president Switzerland

Initiated and organised by the Dutch Father Knowledge Centre

Made possible by

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1 Response to 16 European fatherhood and equal parenting organisations from 12 European countries start Platform for European Fathers (PEF) in Brussels

  1. Congratulations from Australia and we wish this new organisation much success. Could we please impose on the member organisations if at all possible, to provide the same relevant information from their country, as it applies in Australia ( see below) in regards to the parenting time outcomes for children following the separation of their parents? The information could be emailed to dotafeedback@gmail.com ( In English please)

    ABS Family Characteristics 2009-10, compared to 2006-07 (Australia)

    Summary of Findings

    There were a total 5.0 million children in Australia in 2009-10.
    (4.8 million in 2006-07)

    Just over 1 million or 21% = 1,050 000 in (2009-10)
    (Just over 1 million or 22% = 1,056 000 in 2006-07)


    3. There were 441,000 non-custodial parents, the vast majority 81% were Fathers.
    (82% in 2006-07)

    Using the benchmark definition of “meaningful” contact to represent a child spending 20% or more nights per year with their non-custodial parent, it reveals the following disturbing result:

    Of the children who had little or no “meaningful” contact, with their non-custodial parent.
    * 45% of children never stayed overnight with their non-custodial parent.
    (47% in 2006-07). This includes 24% who rarely or never saw that parent.= 472.500
    * 19% of children spent less than 10% of nights with that parent.
    (19% in 2006-07).= 199.500
    * 15% of children spent more than 10% but less than 20% with that parent.
    (14% in 2006-07).
    = 157.500
    * Total number of children who had little or no meaningful contact with
    their biological non-custodial parent. (844.800 in 2006-07).= 829.500

    This is a slight variation of less than 1.5% over the previous period (2006-07), calling into serious question the effectiveness of Australia’s 36 year old Family Laws and demonstrates the failure of our Family Courts to protect the rights and safety of the nation’s children, and now accumulating into affecting almost 24% of all Australians.

    It indicates just 2 out of 10, or 20% of children from separated parents, continue to enjoy ongoing meaningful contact with their non-custodial parent, as per above definition of “meaningful.”

    It also means 8 out of 10, or 80% of Australian children from separated parents, are being denied meaningful ongoing contact with their biological non-custodial parent.

    As a consequence, there were 352,000 non custodial parents, who had little or no meaningful contact with their biological children living elsewhere. This in turn caused an estimated 1.5 million extended family members to also be denied meaningful contact with their biological families.

    All of the above results reveal a crippling, social fallout, from deep-rooted Family Law policy failure, which raises some serious questions. If we consider the above outcome as actually being in ‘The Best Interest of Children’, then perhaps we need to urgently take a very close look at that definition.

    Media contact: Peter van de Voorde – Dads on the Air, Australia – June 27, 2011 ©
    http://www.dadsontheair.net – 04-28648691 – dotafeedback@gmail.com

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