Program International Conference ‘Equal Parenting XXI Century’ (Portugal, June 2013)


Reflecting and acting on behalf of co-parenting

parentalidade_conferencia2013_ctz-final_webAlso see: 2nd International Conference “Equal Parenting XXI Century” – Igualdade Parental

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June 20th

8:30 am                     Conference Registration

9:30 am                     Opening Session

9:30 am – 9:45 am     Coimbra’s Mayor – João Paulo Barbosa de Melo *

9:45 am – 9:55 am    Opening address by PIPDF’s Board President – Ricardo Simões: VideoText of the opening address

10 am                        Panel 1: Changes in Portuguese families

Table A: Evolution, generations, style and genre

10 am -10:20am        Susana Atalaia (ICS-UL)

10:20 am – 10:45am     Table B: Conciliation between work and family

Bernardo Coelho (CIES/ISCTE)

              Table A and B Moderator: Ana Manta (Psychologist, Educational Coordinator and trainer at Red Apple)

10:45 am -11:15 am   Debate / Questions and answers

11:15 am–11:30 am  Coffee Break

11:30 am -12:45 pm   Table C: Parental Equality as the path to gender equality?

11:30 am -11:50 am   Rita Veloso Mendes (CIES-IUL)

11:50am -12:10 pm    Natividade Coelho (C.I.T.E. Vice-President)

12:10pm -12:45 pm   Debate / Questions and answers

01:00pm -02:30pm     Lunch

2:30 pm–4:00pm      Panel 2. Parental Conflicts


                                 Table A: Professionals in parental conflicts: the psychologist, the lawyer and the social workers (training, ethics and professionalism)

2:30pm -2:50 pm       Luís Silva (Lawyer, RSA Lawyers)

2:50pm -3:10 pm       Miguel Ricou (Psychologist)

3:10pm -3:30 pm       Maria Emilia Santos (Professional Social Work Association’s Center Delegation President)

Moderator: Ana Rita Alfaiate (Invited Assistant from Coimbra’s Law University and Member of the Family Law Center)

3:30pm-4:00pm         Debate / Questions and answers

4:00pm -4:30pm      Table B: Parental Conflicts and School

Hugo Manuel Leite Rodrigues (Jurist and author of the book “Questões de particular importância no exercício das responsabilidades parentais” (Particular significance issues in the exercise of parental responsibilities))

Moderator: Conceição Gomes (Executive Coordinator of the Portuguese Justice Permanent Observatory)

4:30pm-5:00pm         Debate / Questions and answers

5:00pm-5:20pm            Coffee break

5:20pm – 6:30pm         Table C: Parental Alienation: methods prevention instruments in the social-legal context

5:20pm – 5:45pm        Sandra Inês Feitor (Jurist and author of the book “A síndrome da alienação parental e o seu tratamento à luz do direito de menores” (Parental alienation syndrome and its treatment under the minors rights))

5:45pm -6:00pm          Communication: “The Role of Family Space / Familiar Meeting Points… A new relational space to maintain the children / family relationships and co- parenting …” – Maria Leonor do Coito Araújo

Moderator: Hernâni de Carvalho (Psychologist and journalist)

6:00pm-6:30pm           Debate / Questions and answers

6:35 pm                    1st Day Conference closing



June 21st

8:30am                       Conference Registration

9:00am                       Panel 3. Parental Responsibilities, Courts and Family Mediation

Table A: What paths to Family and Children Courts?

9:00am -9:25am        Rui Alves Pereira (Lawyer, PLMJ)

9:25am-9:50am         Paulo Guerra (Judge in Coimbra’s Court of Appeal – Teacher in Judicial Studies Center)

9:50am-10:05am       Communication: “Magistrates perception about parenting and the judicial decision” – Maria Luís Machado, Fernando Pessoa University, Porto

Moderator: Fernando Amaral (General Prosecutor of the Republic – Head of the Coimbra’s Delegation Judicial Studies Center)

10:05am – 10:30am   Debate / Questions and answers

10:30am – 10:45am   Coffee break

                                 Table B: Family Mediation as an alternative resolution for parental conflicts: present and future

10:45am – 11:05am    Maria Saldanha Pinto Ribeiro (Family Mediator)

11:05am – 11:35am    ”O DIREITO À CONVIVÊNCIA FAMILIAR” – Fernanda Molinari (lawyer specialized in Family Law and Legal Psychology/ Family Mediator – Director of the Brazilian Association “Criança Feliz for Rio Grande do Sul”)

11:35am – 11:55am    Anabela Quintanilha (Family Mediator)

Moderator: Teresa Prazeres Pais (Judge in Lisbon’s Court of Appeal)

11:55am-12h15pm    Debate / Questions and answers

Table C: Promotion and protection system of children and youngsters

12:20pm-12:45pm    Maria Perquilhas (Law Judge and Teacher at Judicial Studies Center)

12:45pm-12:55pm     Communication: “Parenting skills and knowledge of children’s emotions from pre-school” – Isabel Cruz

Moderator: Catalina Pestana (Former Ombudsmen of Lisbon’s Casa Pia and Teacher)

12:55pm -13:15pm    Debate / Questions and answers

13:15pm – 02:30pm Lunch

                                       Panel 4: Shared custody as a legal presumption: the path to the child’s best interests?

02:30pm – 03:00pm         COOPERAÇÃO ORDENADA E INTERDISCIPLINAR NA RESOLUÇÃO DE CONFLITOS PARENTAIS – António Fialho (Law Judge – Barreiro’s Family and Children Court)

03:00pm – 03:30pm         “Alternate residence by the male perspective: meanings, practices, and parenting negotiations after marital dissolution” – Sofia Marinho (ICS-UL/OFAP)

03:30pm – 04:00pm       Coffee break

4.1 Separation without conflict conducted by responsible parents (the French experience)

04:00pm – 04:40pm   “Da Coparentalidade à Negação da Parentalidade – Da Residência Alternada à Alienação Parental” – Marc Juston (President of the Great Instance Court in Tarascon (France))

4.2 Facing the Crisis of the Family in the Name of Children: Presentation of Meta-Analysis involving 300.000 children of divorced couples in the world

04:40pm – 05:20pm   “GUARDA PARTILHADA: O INTERESSE DA CRIANÇA EM DIFERENTES ESTRUTURAS FAMILIARES” – Vittorio Vezzetti (Italian Pediatrician and scientific responsible of the Colibri European Platform and ANFI (Italian Association of Family Professionals)): VideoPDF-presentation download

Moderator: Manuel Capelo (Judge in Coimbra’s Court of Appeal)

05:20pm – 06:00pm   Debate / Questions and answers

06:00pm – 06:20pm   Closing – Paula Teixeira da Cruz (Minister of Justice) *

* To be confirmed


Conciliation between family and professional life – Experiences and conciliation practices and social representations compared to “Sense of Rights” – Sofia Dias

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