Kick-off International Council for Shared Parenting (ICSP) – Bonn, August 2013

Kick-off conference in Bonn and press information for (New International Platform for Shared Parenting)

dl46&display PEF Secretary General Peter Tromp attended the kick-off conference for the new “International Platform for Shared Parenting” ( in Bonn, Germany on 10 and 11 August 2013. Below you will find the Press Information issued afterwards, and links to the Program and Attendants list of the kick-off conference.


Press Information

Two homes work better for children after separation

Shared parenting is a win-win-win situation

Bonn, Germany, 13 August 2013.

Shared parenting, with an equal standing of both parents, has been proved to be in the best interests of children, because they can stay in a meaningful relationship with both their mother and their father after separation or divorce. Shared parenting reconciles family and work. Shared parenting provides benefits to society.


Experts from numerous countries met for the launch of in Bonn, Germany

“We must extinguish the flames of conflict between separated parents so that children can benefit from the support of their mothers and fathers. There must be more widespread awareness, acceptance and implementation of shared parenting as a viable and preferred solution among the public and involved professions.”

This resolution was adopted at the Kick-off Workshop of the International Platform on Shared Parenting ( held in Bonn, Germany, on 10-11 August 2013. This new organisation brings together the best of evidence-based research and modern best practices on shared parenting.

Parents organisations, family professionals and scientists from 14 countries in Europe and North America called upon governments, judges, lawyers, mediators and social workers to promote peace between parents and to develop new ways of helping families to operate better after separation.

Angela Hoffmeyer, initiator of the international cooperation, underlined: “Across Western societies there is increased enthusiasm for shared parenting. Our aim is to raise awareness of the benefits of this living arrangement for children and to overcome reservations still prevailing in the legal system.”

Recent Swedish research revealed that children in separated families with shared parenting experienced less bullying than those with only one involved parent. Previous research from three continents had already shown that after parental separation, children long for both parents and suffer when they have only little contact with one of them. Those with shared parenting do better in school and have lower rates of psychological problems, child abuse, substance abuse, behavioural problems, developmental problems, delinquency and teenage pregnancy.

Contact: Angela Hoffmeyer, phone +49-170-800 46 15,


Press Information International Platform on Shared Parenting 2013-08-13.pdf

Link to the swedish report: link)

International Platform on Shared Parenting

Kick-off Workshop on 10th and 11th of August 2013 in Bonn, Germany

In the context of international cooperation and networking, the “Project Group Shared Parenting”, which was initiated by the German organisation Väteraufbruch für Kinder e.V. (VAfK), hosts a kick-off workshop in Bonn on August 10-11, 2013. Our cooperation partners who participate in this workshop are scientists, family professionals and representatives of European and American parent organisations.

The kick-off workshop is meant to implement an exchange of experience and research as well as a cooperation at a new international level.

After a brief overview on the state of research and legal as well as practical implementation of Shared Parenting in the different countries (parts I and II), two issues represent the central subjects of part III:

  • the webplatform “” which is still under ongoing development
  • the structure and organisation of the future collaboration at an international level

Programme and List of participants:

International_Platform_on_Shared_Parenting_Kick-off_Workshop_Bonn-Programme.pdf(external link)

International_Platform_on_Shared_Parenting_Kick-off_Workshop_Bonn-Participants.pdf(external link)

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