PEF EU Elections Manifesto – May 2014

PEF Manifesto  – May 2014

Version 0.2

 European Parliament Elections (May 22-25, 2014)

PEF, the Platform of European Fathers, demands that Europe examines its equality credentials to ensure true – and not merely professed – equality is introduced into all areas of life.

“Window dressing” which has been the preferred posture of political parties in every EU country is no longer tenable and equality which actually discriminates against boys, men and fathers should henceforth be acknowledged as such and publically made illegal.

The Platform of European Fathers speaks for fathers and families across the entire EU, from Portugal on the Atlantic coast to Scandinavia and from Greece to Lithuania and the Russian frontier.

All the organisations belonging to the Platform of European Fathers (PEF), demand that EU policy begins enacting legislation and values to ensure that in children’s lives fathers are treated as importantly as mothers.

In the coming 2014 EU elections – the following are “the needs” we expect our MEPs to address:

  • Children rights and opinions must not be overlooked or ignored, as they currently are
  • Guidelines must be created which ensure a stable father-child relationship all across Europe
  • Combating “child poverty” can be addressed by ensuring greater employment opportunities for fathers
  • Where this option is not immediately available, combating “child poverty” can also be addressed by ensuring child related state benefits “follow the child” which will abolish the discrimination suffered by fathers who are care for their children
  • In Sweden and Norway where shared parenting is more common the benefits paid are shared between both caring parents.
  • The payment of state benefits / allowances must be based on the children’s right to know and be cared for by both parents (ref. “Brussels IIa Regulation“, and “Convention on Contact concerning Children“).

To attain these modest goals we ask all MEPs to press for a European Union Taskforce to look into and address the present problems with the current sole-parent carer for children of divorce which has proliferated and is epidemic across Europe.

This leads to discrimination between both parents involved in the care for these children vis-a-vis the tax and benefits systems which is only further complicated by cross-border custody disputes.

The overwhelming majority of social scientists world wide endorses the conclusion that children are better served by forming good “attachment” with both parents from birth and in the following years. When couples live together only shared care can deliver this – and only shared parenting can deliver the same when the parents have separated.

No where in Europe can we see MEPs of any political parties supporting or promoting father, family and children’s rights.

We would like to see the European Parliaments have the courage of Australia’s Prime Minister John Howard in 2005-06, who advocated a bigger role for fathers in their children’s lives and then acted upon it.

But do we have such a figure in Europe ?

About Pieter Tromp MSc (PEF - president)

Pieter Tromp MSc is president of the European NGO 'Platform for European Fathers' (PEF) and chairman of the Dutch NGO Father Knowledge Centre (Vader Kennis Centrum) Email:
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