EU Cross-Border Custody Helpline

2690656718_3f548236b0_zThe Platform for European Fathers (PEF) starts a new information and advice service for European parents struggling with EU cross-border custody and access issues.

When your partner has left you and has taken the children without your consent to another EU country, and you are desperate and searching for information on what you can possibly do, then also have a look at our ‘Platform for European Fathers’ (PEF) newly opened website, with a Facebook discussion group and a Facebook information page with information on cross-border custody and access issues within the EU and between EU countries.

For more information on the EU Cross-Border Custody Helpline see:

  1. Facebook helpline discussion group:
  2. Facebook information page:
  3. Website:

Support by 24 organisations from 15 EU countries:

24 national member parent organisations of PEF from 15 EU countries (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Lithuania, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom) are offering you their national expertise, information and support:

  1. Austria – Children’s Feelings (Kindergefuehle)
  2. Austria – Go Daddy ! (Papa gibt Gas)
  3. Austria – Fathers without Rights (Väter ohne Rechte)
  4. Austria – In the name of parental responsibility (In Namen Elterliche Verantwortung – INEV)
  5. Belgium – Fatherinstitute (Vaderinstituut)
  6. Belgium – SOS Papa Belgique
  7. Bulgaria – Union of Fathers (Съюз на бащите в България)
  8. France – Association Father, Child, Mother (Père Enfant Mère)
  9. France – SOS Papa Nord-Picardie
  10. Germany – Fathers on the Brink for Children (Väter Aufbruch für Kinder – VAfK)
  11. Greece – Sygapa, Father’s and Men’s Dignity
  12. Hungary – Association of Divorced Fathers (Elvált Apák Érdekvédelmi Egyesülete – EAÉE)
  13. Iceland – Association for Equal Parenting (Félag um foreldrajafnrétti)
  14. Ireland – Parental Equality Ireland (PEI)
  15. Ireland – Mens Support Groups of Ireland (MSGI) – The National Umbrella Organisation
  16. Lithuania – Association Against Parental Alienation (Asociacijos Prieš Tėvų Atstūmimą – APTA)
  17. Netherlands – Father Knowledge Centre (Vader Kennis Centrum – VKC)
  18. Portugal – Parental equality and children’s rights (Igualdade Parental e Direito dos Filhos)
  19. Spain – Federal Union of Associations for Equal Parenting (Union Estatal de Federaciones y Asociaciones por la Custodia Compartida)
  20. Spain – Association of Victims of Family Violence Laws (Asociación Víctimas Ley Violencia Género Madrid – GenMad)
  21. Switzerland – Responsibly Raising Fathers and Mothers (Verantwortungsvoll erziehende Väter und Mütter – VeV)
  22. Switzerland – Second wives and families (Donna2)
  23. United Kingdom – Men’s Aid
  24. United Kingdom – Fatherhood Institute

About Pieter Tromp MSc (PEF - president)

Pieter Tromp MSc is president of the European NGO 'Platform for European Fathers' (PEF) and chairman of the Dutch NGO Father Knowledge Centre (Vader Kennis Centrum) Email:
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