Conference on child custody in Europe in Strasbourg, France, 23 Oct 2013              program and links     R. Angelili speech and communication

Conference on shared parenting in Vilnius, Lithuania, 04 Oct 2013 more info

Conference on shared parenting in Bonn, Germany, 10-11 Aug 2013              program pdf     more info

Conference on equal parenting in Coimbra, Portugal, 20-21 Jun 2013 more info

Conference on discrimination of men in domestic violence cases in Madrid, Spain, 22 Feb 2013 info and R. Whiston speech

PEF Annual Meeting in Brussels, Belgium, 16-18 Dec 2012 program and info

2012 International Parental Alienation Awareness Day, 25 Apr 2012             events in Portugal     events in Greece     events in Belgium

European Fathers Congress, Brussels, Belgium, 28 Jun 2011                                           video (english)     video (german)

Founding of PEF, Brussels, Belgium, 27 Jun 2011 more info

Petition to European Parliament in favor of Amendment 50, 19 Oct 2010 petition and supporting organizations     Amendment 50

1 Response to Events

  1. L’enfant et son droit – Parents have the right to separate, but they must remain Father and Mother/Mother and Father for their children. Children have the right to keep relationship with their 2 parents, their 2 families, their 2 cultures. Lyons, France (International Parental Alienation Awareness Day – April 25, 2013) Platform for European Fathers, April 17, 2013;

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