Join us

Why we need you:
Our objectives can be pursued more effectively when we unite more national organizations. Your experience and input is important to us and very welcome.

Why you need us:
PEF is aimed at giving a voice to member organizations at the European policy level. Our experience is important to you on a national level.

Who can be a member:
Only established organizations and associations working on fatherhood and shared parenting issues can apply for PEF membership.

How to join:
Please contact us and we will discuss all issues promptly.

4 Responses to Join us

  1. Peter Morris says:

    HI I have been involved in fathers issues for around 8 years in N ireland UK. I would like to enquire as to how to join PEF.

  2. Gines Orenes Vivo says:

    I want to be member of Platform for European Fathers

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