Platform for European Fathers (PEF)
P/A Peter Tromp MSc (President)
Jacob Cabeliaustraat 17
3554 VH Utrecht

Telephone: +31 30 238 3636
Mobile: +31 6 245 06 249


URL’s to our website: or

Facebook page: Platform for European Fathers

Public facebook group: Platform for European Fathers

Twitter account: @europeanfathers

8 Responses to Contact

  1. fast of all let me thank you alot for having found this important organization of platform for european fathers pef.iam a european farther living belgium namur,and i have not seen my son since easter hollidays of 04/20012, becouse mu ex-wife refuses to respect the present jungment from the the justice of belgium, please,please help me helpe mobile phone is 0496824507, and my name is christmas address is rue de la prevoyance 2 bt 3 5000 namur.

  2. le 23 octobre c’est les vacances scolaires, je viens à strasbourg chercher mes petites filles le 19 octobre et je reviens les ramener le 03 novembre. Si vous pouviez changer la date ce serait sûr que je viendrai

  3. douglasuk says:

    To support the endeavour to keep children in healthy contact with both their parents, and to keep both parents involved with their children’s lives, has published its first ever e-book. My Parents Were Aliens is a small booklet aimed to explain to children and adults alike what parental alienation is, how it affects children and how simple it can be to stop it.

    Published on Parental Alienation Awareness Day, April 25 2014, My Parents Were Aliens is available free in two formats, the widely-supported epub format for many e-books and independent readers, and in pdf format for viewing on computers with appropriate viewing software.

    More information here:

  4. biraro says:

    Hallo, to every one up there in the european polittics,kindly stop shouting alot, knowing that there is a big problem is killing many european fathers who can not see there sons and daughters, becouse,there bloody x-companion that do not respect the belgium parental justice shame up on the present minister,of the belgium justice.

  5. Michael Job says:

    I need the support of the people of France in securing my daughters safe return to her dad. I am a South African father whose wife took my daughter to France on a holiday and never returned, even after signing an agreement to return. The lawyers requested this agreement because we were all afraid my wife would abduct my daughter. It was not enough to stop her and my wife kept my daughter in France in February 2013. I have been working through the legal process ever since. And on the 3rd April 2014, the French courts determined that my wife’s behavior is illegal and granted my request that Lili comes home to South Africa. Now my wife and the grandparents have abducted Lili again and are hiding her from me

  6. Good morning. my name is Juancarlos Felipe, President of an org in USA, where we believe children have the right to be raised by both fit parents, we are going to propose a bill this year to have Shared Parenting in Illinois, USA, do you have any studies, graphs , video presentations or anything that we may use to convince our legislators to pass this Bill ?…any help , idea, or suggestion will be greatly appreciated

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